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Breeder of Quality Sheepadoodle Puppies

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         At Willow Run, our priority is to raise the highest quality puppies possible. We realize that our puppies will become an important part of your family, and family is what is most important to us.


        My husband, Raz, and I have been breeding quality animals for over 30 years. In addition to breeding dogs, we also breed Standardbred Racehorses, which Raz trains and races.


       Along with our 2 boys still at home, Jayce (23) and Collin (17), we have 4 grown children, one son-in-law, 1 granddaughter, and our beautiful dogs to round out our family. We do not consider ourselves a typical "kennel", as our adult dogs are also our family pets, who live in our home and wander freely on our farm.

                               OUR PHILOSOPHY



        Our philosophy at Willow Run is to begin with the best quality breeding dogs to produce the best quality puppies. All of our adult dogs are registered purebreds, who are are rigorously health screened, using Embark and Paw Print Genetics, with X-rayed hips and elbows (OFA). We feed the highest quality food, as well as a complete supplement program to ensure that they are extremely healthy. Equally importantly, they are very happy family dogs with amazing temperaments, and they pass these wonderful attributes along to their offspring.



                  PUPPIES FIRST 8 WEEKS



        Our puppies leave for their forever homes at 8 weeks. Prior to this, they are raised with all-consuming love, attention and devotion which provides for optimal imprinting, as well as promoting well-socialized puppies.


        Our puppies are raised in our home, in a separate and secure main floor area. Our well-designed, comfortable and sanitary "Puppy Quarters", consists of a large indoor pen to which the mom's have constant access, as well as a convenient work/feeding area. This pen provides safety for the puppies, as well as lots of room for play, feeding and sleeping. We also set up secure, 200 sq. ft. outdoor playpens on our large covered front porch, which allows the puppies fresh air and outside play each day. In winter, we set up the playpens indoors, in our large sunroom, so they still get lots of exercise and fun time each day.


        Our puppies go to their new homes fully vet checked, vaccinated, and microchipped with a puppy pack including items from TLC Whole Life Foods, a mother-scented blanket, harness & leash, and a toy. Each puppy also goes home with 6 weeks of free pet insurance (up to $750) from PetSecure.


        We absolutely love our puppies, and love what we do here at Willow Run. I feel very blessed to have the best job in the world! And although it is bittersweet when our puppies leave, we take great consolation in that they will have wonderful lives with their new families in their loving new homes. There is no better feeling than seeing evidence of that through photos sent to us by families of previous litters.





     We breed full-sized standard Sheepadoodles, which  average 55-70 lbs full grown.


Our Farm in Elora

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